Historic New Law Increases Access to Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

"On Oct. 1, a historic new law went into effect that will dramatically increase access to vital addiction treatment and behavioral health services across Massachusetts.

The law requires commercial insurers and Medicaid managed care insurers to pay for critical life-saving measures like detox and detox step-down services, covering addiction the way they would any other life-threatening medical condition. Insurers are mandated to pay for up to 14 days of inpatient care as well as follow-up recovery services from licensed alcohol and drug counselors.
This move is transformative and far-reaching as it eliminates the practice of “prior authorization,” which has always been one of the biggest roadblocks to long-term addiction treatment. Going forward, the treating clinicians — not the insurance companies — will be the ones who determine if a treatment program is “medically necessary” for the patient."
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