Clinical Trial for Long-Lasting Injectable Opioid Dependence Treatment Succeeds

"A late-stage trial for an injectable treatment for addiction to heroin and other opioids was successful, potentially adding to the stable of treatments for the growing epidemic of opioid abuse, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals and Camurus AB said Monday. 

The trial follows a May U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of another treatment option from Braeburn: a long-lasting arm implant that provides six months’ worth of the drug—buprenorphine.

Full results of the study are expected to be presented at a conference in April and the company then plans to submit the drug for approval by mid-2017.

The new weekly and monthly injection option could potentially help more addicts stay on the drug, which eases cravings for opioids and prevents withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine is currently available as tablets and films that dissolve in the mouth, the company said. Addicts sometimes run out of doses or skip them and use narcotics instead, or sell them to other addicts."