Patient Success Stories


When did you decide that you needed help?

“When I started losing everything around me. I lost my girlfriend, house, car, and animals.”


What was life like?

“It was tough at the time. You don’t realize you’re losing things around you day by day. You don’t care because your mind is so clouded by the drug.”

Why is life better now?

“Still have a motorcycle. Still have a job and bank account that can choke a horse. The best reason why is because I can wake up and not depend on something. I can wake up and go on with my day.”


What’s your favorite part about CH?

“Honestly--the people. You guys are on your A game here.”

What has Column Health done for you?

“If it wasn’t for you guys, who knows where I would be?


Photo: Taken after David’s completion of our Vivitrol program. Congratulations David!