When Addiction Medicine Hits Home: a 24 Year-old Friend ODs

Here's a reminder to all - #HelpIsHere..

"An old friend of mine died a few days ago from a drug overdose. He was 24 years old. 

He lived just up the street from my home. I knew him for most of his life, and he was sparkling as a child. My wife and I have been friends of his parents for decades, and I worked as a nanny for “the kids,” as my wife and I called them. 

My first stint was when he was two, and his brothers were four and six. He was cutest two-year-old I’ve ever known. He was happy, funny, sensitive, and had a remarkably developed personality for that age. He loved to laugh and play, and one of his most amazing features was his sense of empathy, which I’ve seldom seen in a two-year-old.

A great example of this was when I first started nannying for him. I was learning the kids’ schedule routine, and on day one when it came time for him to take his mid-day nap, I had no idea how that process worked. So he showed me."